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Wicked Intent
Rhett is into Mike. He’s also into Emma. If that didn’t complicate his life enough, he soon spots a dark and mysterious boy that his teammates nickname The Prince of Darkness. Rhett embarks on a relationship with all three, while trying to decide which he likes best. He’s doing well on the new swim team and life would be good if not for the serial killer preying on teen boys near Verona, Indiana. As more murders occur, Rhett begins to suspect not one, but both of the boys he is sort-of dating. Has Rhett been making out with a serial killer or has his imagination run wild?

The Youngest Frat Bro Ever
Richard K. Arbuster, the third, is fourteen and he’s beginning his freshman year at Indiana University. At least, he thinks he is until his grandfather’s ultimatum—join the Alpha Alpha Omega fraternity or return to the dreaded and detested Bratsworth Academy. Richard has no desire to join a frat. He would much spend his time reading and studying. But, he has no choice and so he sets forth to become the youngest frat bro ever.

Falling Star
Where does one go from up? Adam’s TV show is ending and he discovers his fame as Bud Thomas makes it difficult for him to find acting jobs. To make matters worse, his boyfriend, Curtis, almost immediately lands a role. Adam is accustomed to being mobbed by fans, hounded by reporters for interviews, and receiving invitations to the biggest events in Hollywood. Overnight, it all begins to slip away and Adam struggles to find his place in the entertainment industry that’s forgotten him overnight.


The Purrfect Book & Curiosity Shoppe


There and Back Again

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