The Worst Swap Ever

The Worst Swap Ever by [Mark Roeder]Draven is a football jock. He’s handsome and fit. He’s also a complete jerk and loves to torment boys like Cordova and make their lives miserable.
Cordova is a sweet kid. He’s a nerd. He’s a little pudgy, has terrible acne, and zero friends. The only bright spot in his life is his family. He’s miserable at school and guys like Draven only make it worse.
Draven torments Cordova once too often and awakens to a nightmare. He’s trapped inside Cordova’s pathetic body while Cordova is walking around the school in his studly form. The nightmare becomes even worse when Draven realizes he’s not dreaming and has only one slim chance of getting his old life back. If he fails, he will be stuck in Cordova’s body and life forever.


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