"No, Coach! Nothing's Funny! Please don't kill me!"

Julian is ugly. He knows it. Everyone knows it. He is also a boy with secrets. He’s gay, his family owns the local funeral home, and he’s not certain which secret he more desperately desires to keep. Julian is a wallflower, but tries out for the soccer team to please his father. Beyond all hope he makes the team and there he meets boys who change his life forever and a coach he suspects is trying to kill him. Julian’s greatest love is music. He slips off at lunch and after school to play the grand piano in the music room. His music attracts the attention of a secret admirer and for the first time ever someone sees beauty in Julian—his music. The tragic death of teammates forces Julian to realize that he might not have as much time as he believed and leads him to take a desperate chance. Julian is determined to stop sitting on the sidelines of life. Friendship and love is worth any risk.


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