The Hoosier Boys

Dylan is a slut. He loves college boys, all of them, and hooks up with as many as possible, but Dylan has aspirations that include becoming a model and designing his own clothing line.

Derek is a brain and a wonderful son. He is also a boy struggling to deal with family problems and responsibilities that are beyond his years.

Rod is unbelievably na´ve, not stupid, merely naive and his stories from his youth in Pike county drive his roommates insane. Rod is a truly good soul who sees everyone, not as they are, but as they could be.

Caspian is a loudmouth, who has no reservations about giving his opinion, whether it's appropriate or not. He has a troubled and tragic past, but with the help of his dads, Percy and Daniel, and his step-brother, Tyler, he finally has his act together.

Living together seems an impossible task for such radically different boys, but the tragedies that have touched the lives of each work to bring them together. Family is where you find it.


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