Shadows of Darkness

Skye, the protector of gay boys and virtual superhero, comes within a hair’s-breadth of death when he tackles a new foe. He is saved only by the quick thinking of Devon, his former nemesis, who alone recognizes the nature of Skye’s attacker. Marshall, the resident expert on the supernatural, summons help and Skye cannot believe his eyes when the promised help ultimately comes in the form of two young boys. Skye’s concept of reality is about to change forever.

Devon is a sixteen-year old boy—again. Now mortal and human, he’s back in high school, facing a life both familiar and strange. His former enemies have forgiven him, but can they ever forget? Devon seeks redemption, but his own memories stand in the way. A special boy crosses Devon’s path, giving him hope that he may find self-forgiveness and happiness despite his horrific past.


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