The Picture of Dorian Gray:
A Gay Novel

The Picture of Dorian Gray is Oscar Wilde’s classic tale set in modern times and told as he would have done…had he dared. It is a dark and twisted story filled with moral decline, depravity, sex, and ruthless blackmail. This story is not a mere retelling of Wilde’s tale, but strikes out in new directions, taking the reader on an unpredictable journey with an unknown destination.

Dorian Gray is a young, college freshman, attending his first semester at Indiana University. There he meets Caleb Black, who becomes his obsession. While pursuing Caleb, Dorian acts on the advice of an older acquaintance, Seth, who encourages him to indulge in all life has to offer. Dorian’s world is filled with delights; it is a buffet of sexy, young college boys all Dorian’s for the taking. While Dorian satisfies his desires and lust, he grows ever closer to his destiny and the truth of the portrait that calls to him from the darkness.

The Picture of Dorian Gray is a tale of love, lust, depravity, romance, friendship, and Dorian’s inner struggle to save his own soul.

This novel includes mature content and is not recommended for younger readers.


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