The Purrfect Book and Curiosity Shoppe

Thomas is struggling to support his two younger brothers after the death of their parents. Heís only twenty-two himself and not ready to be a father. His life seems bleak, but then a job comes looking for him and he meets not one, but two different men who might be the one. Ranger is hot stuff and he knows it. He has his eye on Sheridan and Ryker, but they also have their eye on each other. That isnít the end of his problems. Rangerís grades arenít the best and his older brother Thomas gives him an ultimatum; get his grades up to all Bís or forget playing baseball in the spring. Ranger knows if he canít play, heís nothing. In desperation he accepts the help of the biggest nerd in school, who he soon fears has a crush on him. Can Rangerís life get any more complicated?


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