The New Bad Ass in Town

Everyone has his own demons.

Brayden is the new bad ass in town. He has a bad attitude and a temper to match. Caspian has his own rep to protect and canít decide if Brayden is friend or foe. The decision is made for him when Brayden attacks Dylan, a stereotypically gay boy who is known for being too aggressive in his pursuit of young men he finds attractive. Caspian steps in to save Dylan and so begins a mutual distrust between Caspian and Brayden that repeatedly threatens to come to blows. Despite being nearly bashed by Brayden, Dylan wonít back off. The gay boys of Bloomington are sure Dylanís obsession will come to grief, but then Brayden himself steps in to save his stalker. As Caspian gets to know Brayden better, he realizes the boy has his own demons and the pair of them have more in common than he ever guessed.

Tyler and Caspian explore the new territory of their relationship. They stagger through their romance, trying to balance taking things slow with their mutual lust. Tylerís dad and Percyís uncle are dating as well, adding further complications. As Tylerís dad and Caspianís uncle come closer to pulling them all together as a family, the relationship between Tyler and Caspian grows increasingly awkward. The young boyfriends may soon be brothers! What will they do then?


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