Marshall Mulgrew's Supernatural Mysteries

Mad as a Hatter:
The F.B.I. shows up on the doorstep of Graymoor Mansion looking for Marshall, but they aren’t seeking to arrest him. They’ve come to hire him. Over a period of weeks, a series of murders have been committed that all have one thing in common; the victims were discovered in rooms locked from the inside with no possible exit for the killer. After eliminating all natural possibilities, only the supernatural remains and who better to investigate than Marshall Mulgrew, the expert on the paranormal?

Poste Mortem: The Witch of Wolf Creek
Two boys show up at Marshall’s door claiming to have been chased by murderous ghosts. Others would dismiss their tale as nonsense, but not Marshall. He investigates the site of the attack and begins to uncover the mystery of a lost town, its doomed inhabitants, and an unlikely hero that dedicated his life to saving the inhabitants of Wolf Creek.

Gods of the Old Forest:
Marshall is called in to help with a murder case involving the legendary woods known as the Old Forest. An eco group protesting the planned destruction of the forest is suspect, but Marshall soon learns that something far more bizarre is going on. As Marshall delves more deeply into the history of the forest, he and Skye come face to face with an old acquaintance who is as legendary as the forest itself.

Dr. Stupendous Smith’s Carnival of Amazement:
Marshall and Colin investigate a carnival that visits Verona every twenty-years, leaving unsolved missing persons reports behind each time it leaves town. Marshall, Colin, and Skye race to discover the secret of the carnival before more innocents and perhaps even themselves disappear forever.


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