Lawn Boy

Bastien is now the man of the house.  His mom has given up everything to give him a new life and heís determined to do everything in his power to take care of her. Verona, Indiana is Bastienís chance to start over and heís not about to waste the opportunity.

 The grumpy old man next-door is most certainly not one of the more attractive features of Bastienís new hometown, but Bastienís opinion of him slowly begins to change.  More intriguing is another neighbor.  Viktor is a wrestler for Verona High School and mows his lawn shirtless.  Viktor stirs Bastienís passion, but he tries desperately to hide his desires.  He doesnít want Verona to be Chicago all over again.

As he settles into his new life Bastien discovers that Verona is different from what he has known before and not in the boring, watching-corn-grow-for-entertainment way he anticipated.  The little town of Verona is odd, perhaps even bizarre, but maybe here he can forget the friends who turned on him and the father who tried to kill him.  The Lawn Boy is a tale of friendship, love, lust, and acceptance.


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