Brendan & Casper: Older & Better

Brendan has been an active jock his entire life, but heís no longer an eighteen-year-old high school quarterback or even a twenty-two year old football player for Indiana University. Heís fifty-two and the years are beginning to show. Brendan does his best to meet aging with composure, but itís not an easy task for someone who once had it all. Conner is home from The American Ballet Theatre in New York City. While in Verona, he rekindles a casual friendship with Colin, but soon that friendship grows into something more. Matters are complicated when Conner learns he isnít the only one interested in Colin. Soon, family duties and his ballet career pull Conner in opposite directions and away from someone he just might love. Older & Better is a story of facing change and altering circumstances, of friendship, family, and love.


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