Bloomington Boys: Tim & Marc

Bloomington Boys: Tim

Tim was the quarterback of his high school team, but now he faces a larger challenge.  Heís eager to follow in the footsteps of his brother and play football for Indiana University, but can he even get off the bench?  Before the season even begins Tim makes a terrible mistake that threatens his reputation, his relationship with his boyfriend, and even his ability to play on the team.  Timís first year at IU could be his last, but he is determined to succeed.


Bloomington Boys: Marc

Marc has trained hard for over a year, riding as much as fifty miles a day. His dream is to make the Alpha Alpha Omega Little 500 team, but competition is stiff and his life is filled with distractions. A sexy pledge from Italy and a roommate who hangs upside down like a bat in his wardrobe both threaten to sidetrack him from his goal, but Marc is determined. Bloomington Boys: Marc is a story of love, lust, and an intense desire to fulfill a dream.