Bloomington Boys: Scotty & Casper

Bloomington Boys: Scotty

Attending Indiana University and dating Jeff Morgan has been Scotty Jackson’s dream for two whole years, but Scotty arrives on campus only to discover that Jeff refuses to date him. Scotty turns disappointment to opportunity and devises a plan to date a new boy each week.

Ryder is Scotty’s incredibly hot lacrosse-jock roommate. He’s hostile, dismissive, and rude, but there’s a humorous edge to his caustic comments and superior attitude. Scotty holds his own in their ongoing battle of wits while he enjoys the scenery provided by his hunky roommate. Their relationship becomes increasingly complicated when Ryder stumbles half-drunk to Scotty’s bed late one night and then appears to have no memory of the nocturnal visit the next morning. Scotty must deal with his conflicted feelings, but he’s not the only one whose thoughts are in turmoil.


Bloomington Boys: Casper

Casper has waited two years to join his boyfriend at Indiana University, but the reality is different from his dreams.  Brendan is a junior and a star on the football team.  Between school, football practices, and games he has little time for his boyfriend.  Casper’s loneliness is alleviated by the adoption of two cats and by meeting a homeless boy named Aiden.  Casper begins to carve out a life for himself at IU and develops his own interests independent of his boyfriend, but Brendan is never far from this thoughts.  Through it all Casper knows Brendan will forever remain his soul mate.


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