Bloomington Boys: Elijah & Haakon

Bloomington Boys: Elijah: A Novella

Elijah is the youngest and smallest of the Gaylord brothers and is the last of the family football dynasty. He earns a spot on the Indiana University team, but has doubts about his abilities and feels like a boy among men. Elijah has stood in the shadow of his brothers his entire life. He’s worked long and hard to match their achievements, but he may finally have taken on more than he can handle.

Bloomington Boys: Haakon: A Novella

Haakon met an incredible boy when he attended Indiana University the first semester of his freshman year. His twin brother, Hamlet, met the same boy the following semester. Neither twin believed they would ever return to Indiana, but now they’re back for their senior year and face a dilemma. It was easy to share Colin when only one twin was on campus, but what will they do now while both are attending IU? Bloomington Boys: Haakon is the story of twin brothers coming to terms with their shared love for the same remarkable boy.


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