Bloomington Boys: Devon & Nathan

Bloomington Boys: Devon

Devon is determined to create a new life for himself as a freshman at Indiana University. He struggles to put his troubled past behind him and keep it from poisoning his new relationships. After a promising start Devonís resolve weakens, but he refuses give up his dream.

The moment Devon meets Dorian Gray he knows his life will be changed forever. Dorian Gray is rich, charming, and the most beautiful young man Devon has ever beheld. Dorian takes an immediate interest in Devon and awakens feelings within him than have lain dormant since Devonís first love. Devon soon falls for Dorian, only to find Dorian has his own agenda.

Devon isnít thrilled with his roommate. Armando is obsessed with football and working out. Devon suspects Armando is gay, but worse still is the attraction Devon feels for him. Devon avoids Armando at first, but the more time he spends with his roommate the more he likes him. As Devonís new relationships begin to fall apart it is Armando who stands by Devon when he needs a friend the most.

Devon is a story of love, friendship, loyalty, and betrayal.

Bloomington Boys: Nathan

Nathan is eager to experience college life, but misses his boyfriend back home. Sexy IU boys surround Nathan, but heís confident he can be true to Ethan. While Nathan has little trouble controlling his lust, the same cannot be said for one of his classmates. Trace is sexy, well built, and accustomed to getting who and what he wants. At first Trace is a minor annoyance, but the more Nathan rejects him the more Traceís desire for Nathan increases. Nathanís friends try to protect him, but Trace is relentless. How far Trace will go to satisfy his desires?

Nathan is shocked to discover his roommate is fifteen-years-old and an actual genius. While Anton breezes through his classes, university social life is not so easy. Anton hasnít so much as kissed a girl and has only a gay boy to show him the ropes!


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