Bloomington Boys: Brandon & Dorian

Bloomington Boys: Brandon

College is a time to experiment, to seek out new experiences, and push past boundaries. Brandon and his best bud Jon find themselves surrounded by more hot girls than their small hometown could hope to offer. Brandon is eager to leave relationships behind and explore the world of casual sex offered by university life. Hes eager to make new friends and experience all that college life has to offer. So many beautiful and intelligent young women surround Brandon hes overwhelmed, but hes truly shocked when he finds himself attracted to another guy for the first time in his life! Brandon has always been secure in his sexuality, but is he secure enough to test his boundaries with a guy? Can he learn to live side-by-side in a tiny dorm room with his classical music playing, opera-loving roommate? Can he help bring his closeted teammate out into the light of day?

Bloomington Boys: Dorian: A Novella

Dorian and his boyfriend Marc are beginning their life together as freshmen at Indiana University, but neither imagines the temptations they will face. IU is filled with gorgeous young men, but more dangerous are those who offer more than physical beauty. Dorian meets not one, but two boys hed gladly date if he didnt already belong to Marc. Marc meets Hunter, a hunky cyclist who is his perfect match. As if overwhelming temptation wasnt enough, the pair is faced with an old nemesis from back home. When one gay boy after another is found beaten, Dorian and Marc wonder if Devon is up to his old tricks.

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Brandon Dorian